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CRM U.S. Small Cap Opportunities UCITS

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The CRM U.S. Small Cap Opportunities UCITSĀ  began on March 25, 2020. This is a UCITS Fund which is available across two share classes: A Class (ISIN: IE00BLH8S217) and B Class (ISIN: IE00BLH8S324).

This Fund invests alongside the CRM Small Cap Value Strategy, which is a bottom-up strategy with the unique advantage of investing in CRM’s highest conviction ideas regardless of market-capitalization. Primarily, all investment holdings in this strategy are jointly held in one or more of CRM’s U.S. domestic strategies: small, small/mid, mid and all cap. Within this strategy, CRM embraces the original investment ideas of the Firm and strives to generate pure alpha by stepping beyond the traditional “boxes”. Companies we buy and hold are characterized by three attributes: change, neglect and valuation. The hunt for this trio of attributes provides a solid foundation for every stage of our investment process. All CRM strategies employ the same philosophy, process and dedicated research team.

Supported by an experienced team of investment professionals, the portfolio managers make judgments about the relative attractiveness of various securities in selecting stocks for the portfolio. This strategy will typically be invested in 35 to 50 stocks. Although the portfolio is built from the bottom up, stock specific risks, sector weightings and risk/reward characteristics are all taken into account in the portfolio construction process.